* 30May Blink Mtn (6766)

* 30May Rapid Peak (7259)

* 19Jun Fallen Angel" (6840)                     USGS Big Devil Peak

* 19Jun Hellion III"                                      USGS Big Devil Peak

* 19Jun Hellion VI"                                       USGS Big Devil Peak

* 20Jun Hunich Pipe" (~6700)                   USGS Big Devil Peak

* 17Jul The Horseman (~8100)

* 7Aug W Nail" (~8000)

* 7Aug E Nail" (~8000)

* 7Aug W Horseshoe Pk" (~8000)

* 22Aug Gramps Peak" (6680+)

* 24Aug Goose Step Pinnacle" (7400+)

* 25Aug Goat Hoof" (7100)

* 25Aug Primrose Peak" (7160+)

* 25Aug Rim Rock Peak" (7240+)

* 25Aug Flat Peak" (7100)

* 26Aug Sister Sarah" (7000+)

* 26Aug Sister Habiba" (7160+)

* 26Aug Sister Sue" (6809)

* 26Aug Little Sister" (6785)

* 5Sep Beheaded Dog Burying Bone" (7035) USGS Mount Challenger

*19Sep Pachyderm Peak" (7310)


Fallen Angel '


June 19, 1982

Thanks to Russ Kroeker and Silas Wild

(and my guardian angel)


Six Hellions' (#3 and 5)

Right foreground crags.  Fallen Angel' is left center, Baksit" is the rock pyramid right center.


June 19, 1982

Thanks to Silas Wild and Russ Kroeker


Hunich's Pipe'

June 20, 1982

Thanks to Silas Wild and Russ Kroeker

(who also made FA and are standing on Pipe Cleaner)

Beheaded Dog Burying Bone'  7035' (15'quad), now 7049' (7.5'quad)

from north. On Eiley-Wiley Ridge.

The dog's decapitated head (with nose in ground burying the bone) and digging paws on right. Shoulder of dog is the high point.  The notch in the haunch stops the traverse over the back. Tail swoops around on left. East Fury directly behind.


September 5, 1982


Pachyderm Peak '

Center. Note the head, ears, trunk of the elephant.  Ragged End/Cosho left.

USGS Mount Logan


September 19, 1982

Thanks to Mickey Newhouse