USGS Eldorado Peak

BACKBONE RIDGE                                                                                                Monte Steere photo

Perdition (L center), In Spirit (C), Cervical, (The Osteophyte), Lumbar, Sacrum

from pass above Stout Lake-McAllister Creek.

This view on the scramble from Stout Lake to Wilcox Lakes on August 31, 1963 was another eye-opener.

I would have to get back.


Perdition Peak on left, then In Spirit Peak, Cervical Peak, The Osteophyte, Thoracic Peak, Lumbar Peak, The Herniated Disc, and The Sacrum.  The Coccyx is just off the photo to the right.  Wilcox Lakes lie just below the photo.  Taken from camp on climb of The Haystack' May 9, 1976.

Backbone Ridge

from Snowfield

Perdition Peak

from south, by John Scurlock, taken February 6, 2006