X Mtn

(formerly Cross-Dike Peak and X-Dike Peak)

X Mtn was originally called Cross-Dike Peak by the 7/28/1966 FA party for the intersecting white quartz veins in the summit rock. On the 15-minute 1953 USGS Marblemount quad which is what we were carrying in the day, Trappers Peak was 5964 and X Mtn was 5965, then the 1989 7.5-minute USGS Mount Triumph quad came out and muddied the waters.

USGS Mount Triumph


July 28, 1966

Thanks to Bill Chase and Taffy


X Mtn'

The shark fin right of center,  Trappers Peak on left


X Mountain'


X Mountain'

from Arc de Triumph'

Neve Glacier and The Backyard' in back.