My Hometown




From near Trappers Peak summit. Skagit River right of town. Newhalem Creek Falls far right. Ladder Creek winds up to the Neve Glacier, separating "The Backyard" into the Pyramid-Colonial group (L) and the Snowfield-Needle group (R). Gary and Corky Mellom in foreground.  Gary also grew up in Newhalem, and he and I have been taking a nearly yearly July trip into the mountains since 1966.

Newhalem (lower right) with Ruby (L) and The Backyard above camp up Ladder Creek.  Taken on the FWA of Trappers Peak, January 23, 1977, on a very light snow year, obviously.

Newhalem (marked by red N)

Looking down Newhalem Creek, then up Goodell Creek. The Skagit River valley is hard to identify, but runs right and left of the N.  Triumph and Despair on left. Pioneer Ridge at the head of Goodell Creek. The Southern Pickets are on the right.