USGS Mount Challenger


July 7, 1973

Thanks to Gary Mellom and Jim Lucke

John Scurlock's Blip photo from the north.



is the central blip to the left of The Blob.

On left is Himmelgeisterhorn and the Twin Needles. 

The Stump (Pinnacle Peak) is in right foreground.

Telephoto from Trappers Peak August 29, 1971.

Not much, but that's all that was left unclimbed in the Southern Pickets in 1973, well, except for The Turret', right above the top of The Stump, left of the Terror Col (see July 22, 1984).

The Blip', West Ridge

Doesn't look good, but somehow we finessed a way.


The Blip'

To right of our descent gully. East Twin Needle is barely recognizable up above left gully.