Bob Bolton

I have very limited experience with John of course, but the one time was memorable. John asked me if I wanted to join Jeff Howbert and him for some prominence bumps near Morton, "Big Bottom Butte" and Cottlers Rock, in December 2001. I told him I'd meet them in Morton, so I went down to REI and rented some showshoes, drove to Morton, and met them at the Chevron food mart. It was a miserable rainy day, but we managed to get the two hills. Later I heard a weather report that claimed it had been the wettest day on record in Olympia with a total of around 3 inches. Given my soaked condition, I definitely wouldn't doubt it. The nasty cold that followed was witness to why I've never preferred winter outings - especially since I'm susceptible to pneumonia! :-(

Happy Birthday John, and MANY happy repeats!