Diane Zehnder

My dear John,

Wishing you a most happy and wonderful birthday. There are so many fun memories of the past 23 years and all of them are so good. Let me simply say I have always held you in high esteem. You are the best diagnostician in the whole world and a splendid physician and all of those dang little 4X6 blue cards were proof! You have a memory like a steel trap and your wonderful wit and sense of humor can get you through anything and endears you to all of us. I can always count on you being the "real deal". You have accomplished so much in your life and hopefully can look back with contentment and look forward to many more years of everything you love.

You make the best darn Baklava in the whole world and have started many of my years out with a "whistle" -thank you for both.

I am sooo glad you are finally catching up to me! (I don't have birthdays anymore and have taken to Ella Brodahl as my idol!) I truely wish you the best of everything in the many years ahead. You are a wonderful friend and I gratefully cherish that.

Fondly, DZ