Don P.J. Beavon

Snowflea and Anvil Island were not enough! I still think we should get together for Nooksak Tower! It would give me something more to remember you by! Now that the top 100 are done I'll be looking for more challenges which, you'll be happy to know, include the top 100 by 400 feet of prominence AND Nooksak Tower. I'll start tuning up for it on the first of the year when I join Mitch at Joshua Tree... Nooksak has been on my list for a long time but I'm not going to do it solo. I just need someone to belay me!

John, are you listening!? I'll be in touch and Oh yes, What better way to begin your 61st year of life than by climbing Nooksak Tower.

Happy Birthday!!!

Don P. J. Beavon