Maurine Butterworth

"Green is good!"--a most useful adage when pulling yourself up a vertical incline or trying to slow down your decent on a slick, mossy slope. I will ever be grateful for a brother who knew enough about the mountains to take me to places off the beaten path, through the devil's club, up the cliff, down the creek bed...and even if it seemed like we were lost, I knew I could always count on you to bring us out at the logging road that led to our car.

Of course, there were the times I didn't keep up with you and had to holler you back because there was no trail to follow, and I didn't realize that you had made a sharp turn to the west above the ridge on Sourdough when I was still heading south. Or the time I just sat down--too scared to cross a slide area by myself--and waited until you noticed I wasn't a reasonable distance behind you on our way back down onto Cascade Pass. You always inspired confidence: "Just stand up and don't lean into the hillside!" There were times you showed me where to put my feet and hands on sreep pitches and calmed my shaky knees with your positive assurances. And all those times when we were sopping wet or exhausted, and you'd say, "Isn't this the most fun you've ever had?!"

You were my big brother and always knew best when it came to the mountains. Even though I still can't keep up, thanks for introducing me to the trails and bushwhacking of the North Cascades (and beyond). Now my love for the mountains and hiking has been passed down to my boys and we are all the richer for it.

Thanks, John. You're the best brother I'll ever have!

Love, Reenie

P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!