Monte and Ellen Steere

Dear John,

“It’s just over the next rise” echoes through our minds—a motivator you would use to keep us going toward the goal you had set for us (Ellen especially noticed that). However rigorous the hike might have been, we loved using a permanent marker to add the name of each hike to our red 1970 REI state of the art backpacks. It was fun watching our hiking achievements list grow. We still use those backpacks to haul elk out of the wilderness when Grady is successful in his hunt.

The great memory-makers you gave to Monte’s life include Wilcox Lakes, Popcorn Point, and Tiwicef Lake, among many others.

Happy Birthday cousin! You’ve just caught up with me again for another four months at the big six-(oh!…Monte) trip around the sun.

We wish for you many more mountains to climb, stories to tell, and encounters to experience with family and friends! So, happy 60th and looking forward to many more memory-makers,

Love from Monte and Ellen