Steve Fry

I helped John get Lost in 1987, and complete the Cascade Top 100.

John and I went over and out "10-4 Mountain" in December about a decade ago, and a twig poked me in the eye, giving me double vision.

We scampered atop numerous mountains, such as Indian Rock and Lemei Rock, amid summery skies in the vicinity of Mt. Adams in about 1992.

John and I have had holy debates about mountain place names, especially those in the NCNP, and different opinions about ascent history and what elevation to assign to peaks.

John is a relentless climber who has completed a wide variety of mountain lists. He also first stated that once every closed contour had been tallied, then the mountain listmakers job would be done.

John and I also climbed Holy Acorn Mountain, and he was later enlightened on nearby "Salvation Peak".

Take care,
Steve Fry, Edmonds