Warren Guntheroth

October 13, 2003

On this Columbus Day, I recall a neat climbing trip to Bull's Tooth, with John and my beloved Sasha. The hike in was warm and a little tough, but we went for it that afternoon. There was more than a little confusion as to just which summit was the Tooth, so we climbed them all! Good rock and good views.

After a quiet night near the lakes, discussing many things, John offered "that a dog provides something hard to come by in this world: unconditional love." (Karen, he excepted our wives!)

The next foggy morning we climbed a very pleasant mountain just north of the pass. Coming down was a problem of visibility but Sasha unerringly found the correct chute. We named the peak for Sasha.

John wrote it up for Pack and Paddle and included some very nice photos of Sasha.

Thanks, John.

Warren Guntheroth