Austin Post

This winter's (?) snow is rapidly melting at this moment. Proof that the world is still going its way through space and doing its usual thing regardless of all the foolishness humans get involved in. Pretty incredible when one thinks about it. All those billions of years getting here, preparing these hills and mountains for us to climb and the billions of years which will change it all come the future and such inventions as human beings are long forgotten. And us egotistical critters called homo sapiens feeling all this was prepared just for us personally, and, as far as we are concerned, it was; if we weren't here, who would be aware of it at all? Pretty incredible!

But the earth is here and so are we, and those hills are to be climbed, including the mighty heights of Vashon Island and over in Douglas County. So, it is a case of what is next. Have any good ones planned, John? Say, next spring about wildflower time in the desert and spending another night at Barker Canyon? That place really appeals to me, sure glad you found it.

Or another trip up lake with John Burke's boat would sure hit the spot. I could poke around the Purple Pass trail and you eager beavers do Rainbow Mtn, something like that. I'm still looking for the right photo of the lake and the weather wasn't all right last summer.

I understand you are passing the 60's barrier. If reasonably lucky, another decade of real activity, then definitely slowing down so those Douglas County Alps actually become mountains for you after all! Whatever, it's been a good life for us all, John, and I'm glad you have made me a part of yours; these outings have been really appreciated.