Rose Newhouse

My introduction to John and Karen was in 1987. Mick and I met them on a lonely deserted road somewhere in Washington - late in the afternoon - to car camp. The lasting memory about that meeting was the unbelievable stories they told about their courtship - particularly Karen's perilous journey over the rushing river on a precarious log. That story got my attention. We four quickly became friends and have had the pleasure of enjoying many vacations and hikes together.

I was privileged to be one of the chosen to do a first ascent with John and consider that to be one of the highlights of my life. It seems as though I have know John through a fast forward phase of his life. In a relatively short period of time he married, started a family and adopted a different lifestyle. Well sort of. We have never visited John and not done some amazing hike or excursion. Aaron was about six weeks old when we went hiking with him for the first time. John is the expert planner and organizer. No matter how full the car is we always ALL fit in with enough supplies to get to our destination.

I appreciate and love John for all the wonderful experiences he has interjected into my life and the joy of being a small part of his life with Karen and Aaron. John, can't wait to retire so we can do more vacations and hikes!!!!!

Love, Rose