Tex Steere

The memories I have of John Roper introducing Tex & Monte Steere to the ways of the "mountains" go way back.  I do remember our 1st ascent of Trappers Peak by Newhalem.  A real scramble but totally worth the views back to town.  I recall taking some 8mm movies of Uncle Jack Roper flashing a mirror toward us from their house in Newhalem.  We also managed to do a full flip off a snow cornice at the summit.  John of course made sure that every trip was exciting and challenging. 

Another thigh burner was the trip to "The Cousins", near Ross Lake .  Appropriately named as John and his cousins (Tex & Monte Steere), and their kids and their cousins (Toby & Dusty [absent on this climb] Steere, and Grady & Nigel Steere, were on the ascent with John.  A total bushwhack up major vertical off the North Cross State Highway, until we reached timberline.  Not an easy 1st day, but totally worth the effort.  The descent was just as steep, but not quite as physical as the upper.

Too many other climbs to mention.  Lots of pictures, but none of the digital variety.  I'm not up on scanning photos into the computer, but I do know that John can put his hands on his copies for sure.  I'm hopeful I can make the big function in January, but if I can't John, I can tell you that turning 60 is just another milestone for you.  I know you've got lots of good years left in those legs of yours.  Maybe I'll make it on another "easier" jaunt with you one of these years, OK?  In the meantime, keep up the challenge for the rest of us.  There's no stopping you now, for sure.

Best to you always.

Your cousin...Tex Steere